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Many new developers are often stuck in the so-called 'tutorial hell'. Watching endless videos won't help you grow. To avoid falling into this trap, we will focus on applying the knowledge.

Go Wide then Go Deep

You will learn a lot of stuff, but this is just the beginning. It's up to you to deep dive into a given topic. Want to know what it takes to become a web developer? Check out the Web Developer Career Path

Deliberate Practice

Don't just blindly copy and paste the code. Understand the what & why. Challenge yourself to open a blank editor, and start writing your code without referencing the documents and solution code.

Project-Based Learning

Try your best to build your own projects based on what you've learned. It doesn't need to be perfect! The most effective way to learn programming languages is actual coding!

Demo Projects

css magazine grid

Grid Layout Design

Grid layout is everywhere. Let's take your CSS Grid skill to the next level by creating a book / magazine cover layout!

3D hover card

3D Hover Effect & Glassmorphism

CSS is more than just color and changing font size! Let's build something sensational! We will learn about CSS animation and how to create this 3D effect when you hover on the card!

HTML Canvas Gameboy

Nintendo Game Boy

Reminiscing the good old days! Remember? this is how we used to play Pokemon. In this project, you will learn how to draw a Game Boy with HTML Canvas!

funny sound effect

Sound Effects with Dark / Light Mode

A fun JavaScript project to practice your knowledge about JavaScript keyboard events! I'll also show you a cool way to mimic dark / light mode with pure CSS!

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